Thursday, November 12, 2009

hiii bloggie.. im back!! XD
lolx.. maybe just for a short time.. haha

so what i've been doing..
-Watching drama.. Almost finish watching all the japanese drama i got from my cousin long time ago.. Currently trying to finish watching 'Honey & Clover'. Still got some English drama and HK drama to watch.. Chasing after Heroes Season 4 and Supernatural Season 5.. Awesome!!!

Oh ya... Term 3 is wow!!
a whole new freaking term, with some different subjects and some subjects that u learnt and learnt again.. =.= each time they just add some extra topic and u'll have to learn all the same things again..
And i understood something important in this term.. Something dam freaking true.. haha
so now i know... =)

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KOKahKOK said...

which leo club are you in now? PJI rite?